More appeal for your
broadcasting company.

Our offer for TV broadcasters

The days of linear television are numbered. Which means that it’s time for broadcasters to adapt. With content4tv, your viewers will surely remain loyal to you when you take the next step to interactive TV. Without any additional cost and administrative expenses for negotiations with the network operators.

But with full cost control and potential additional revenues for your station. Dispense with lengthy licensing negotiations, complicated accounting control and additional personnel to keep on top of all business contacts – and gain additional coverage and audience ratings. We understand both worlds and can aggregate for you. So, with content4tv, you simply get more viewers.

Your advantages

  • Assurance of a complete product and feature environment
  • Implementation of broadcaster business models and technical requirements
  • Only one instead of numerous contract partners and points of contact
  • Comprehensive product and marketing consultation of the distribution partners
  • Efficient and resource-conserving aggregation of demand by small to medium-sized network and platform operators: public utilities, city carriers, cable operators, ISPs…
  • Evaluation of (anonymous) user data for product optimization
  • Strategic partnerships with providers of linear and non-linear services