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Our offer for fiber-optic network operators

A fiber-optic connection without TV rights is like a highway without cars. In order to really get your fiber-optic business going, you also need to convince your customers with TV content. Redirecting the TV reception onto the information superhighway takes a lot of effort for the legal drafting of the license agreement. Or a single phone call. Because, content4tv is the central marketer that can organize the retransmission rights of content for practically all broadcasters in Germany,

to legally enable you to broadcast content via cable. Licensing is carried out at absolutely fair conditions and is completely risk-free for you. You do not have to pay us any basic charges or lump sums, but an exact amount per connection. Thus, you can save yourself the annoying administrative and accounting expenditure and gain many new cable viewers. Simply give us a call. Because, for fiber-optic network operators we are THE point of contact for the licensing of virtually all program productions.

Module 1

“Content only”, i.e.  complete content licenses for sub licensing – linear and non-linear, Free TV and Pay TV

Module 2

Signal supply and content integrated
as a white label intermediate product

Your advantages

  • Secure program supply via IPTV and cable with a modular, flexible service portfolio
  • Clear B2B approach for a broad customer spectrum (city carrier, cable, ISP, housing industry with own network operation, etc.)
  • Fast implementation of individual requests for additional or other broadcasters, especially when it comes to foreign-language channels in “exotic” satellite positions or without satellite transmission
  • Coordination of copyright levies according to §§ 20b and 87 sec. 5 copyright law with the copyright collectives
  • Great flexibility in terms of supply: Use of existing technology infrastructure (e.g. headend, transfer point) and alternatively supply via IP or satellite
  • Support with business planning
  • Secure program supply via IPTV and cable with a modular, flexible service portfolio
  • Technology-neutral industry expertise and advice, for example for the specification and selection of the technical platform
  • System integration of the various components