Stadtwerke Ludwigsburg select content4tv and

German municipal utilities company Stadtwerke Ludwigsburg-Kornwestheim (SWLB) has chosen TV carriage rights provider content4tv for the deployment of its IPTV service.

content4tv provides SWLB with the distribution rights for free-to-air and pay-TV channels as well as international channels. The rights package also includes non-linear features such as instant restart, instant replay, time-shift and multi-screen reception on secondary TV sets, laptops, smartphones and tablets.

Furthermore, SWLB, which serves 42,000 households, has opted for service provider as the supplier of the white-label IPTV platform and set-top-boxes, enabling the company to offer the TV product under its own brand.

“With its innovative, high-performance TV offer, Stadtwerke Ludwigsburg-Kornwestheim can fully exploit the advantages of its broadband network in the competition for customers and tap new sources of revenue. This shows how local and medium-sized network operators benefit from the collaboration with content4tv,” said Martina Rutenbeck, managing partner of content4tv.